About Alcatraz Touring

This is our history. This is us!

Where visions and reality merge, Alcatraz Touring is at home.

Founded in January 2021 in the middle of the north Hessian province, far away from the big metropolises, the team around Alcatraz faced its biggest challenge.

By pure chance, they had acquired a former prisoner coach from Hannover Prison. The brilliant idea of “building a nightliner” quickly turned into a project that seemed impossible at the time, despite all the euphoria.

Nevertheless, in a very short time they managed to create a functional nightliner that met the needs of touring artists.

This vehicle is not only the name giver but also the origin of the company and has become an important part of the meanwhile considerable fleet. 

We are proud to be able to offer a fleet that covers the entire spectrum from low budget to luxury liner.

Regardless of our background, our team consists of qualified professional drivers who are passionate about getting our customers to their destinations safely and on time.

A high level of quality awareness characterises our company, whether it is a club or a stadium tour.

Be our guest – tour like a boss